1st Challenges
in inflammation meeting :

“Regulatory checkpoints and resolution”

Villa Finally, Florence (Italy)

Dear Colleagues,

Inflamex, the GREMI and the SIF-Inflammatory Group joined forces to organize the 1st Challenges in Inflammation: Regulatory checkpoints and resolution meeting which will take place at the Villa Finaly in Florence (Italy).

The Villa Finaly is a 15th century house recently refurbished that is located at walking distance from the city center of Florence. Throughout its rich history, the Villa was used a house of prestige and its owners kept enlarging and improving it. Since 1953, the Villa Finaly is owned by the Chancellerie de Paris. It is now dedicated to Art and Science and it can host scientific meetings as well as researchers, students and artists.
The Scientific program of the 1st Challenges in Inflammation: Regulatory checkpoints and resolution will focus on fundamental questions on Inflammation, from genomic to therapies. Internationally renowned speakers and young researchers will be given the opportunity to present and discuss their latest findings.

With the organization of the meeting, Inflamex, the Gremi and the SIF-Inflammation Group hope to deepen relationships between researchers and clinicians who work on the field of Inflammation.

Many challenges remain ahead of us to better understand and address inflammatory diseases. We believe the 1st Challenge in Inflammation meeting while reinforcing the scientific community will bring forward new ideas and new concepts.

We hope to meet you in Florence! 

Best wishes

 5 sessions :  

  • Genes, epigenetics and regulation (organized by Inflamex)
  • Innate and adaptative cells in inflammation (organized by Inflamex)
  • Inflammatory receptors & signal transduction (organized by Inflamex)
  • Resolution of inflammation (organized by the Gremi)
  • Targeted therapies for inflammatory diseases (organized by SIF-Inflammation Group)



General information and organization

- Scientific organising committee -

Prof Renato Monteiro
Centre de Recherche sur l’inflammation,
Université Paris Diderot, ERL CNRS 8252 / UMR 1149
Faculté de médecine Bichat
16 rue Henri Huchard
F-75018 Paris
Tel : (33) 01 57 27 77 55
Email : Renato.monteiro@inserm.fr

Dr Nadine Varin Blank
Université Paris 13 – Campus Bobigny
Inserm UMR 978
74 rue Marcel Cachin
F-93017 Bobigny cedex
Tel : (33) 01 48 38 88 51
Email : Nadine.varin@inserm.fr

Prof Luc Mouthon
Université Paris Descartes
Groupe hospitalier Cochin/Institut Cochin
Inserm UMR 1016
123 boulevard Port-Royal
F-75014 Paris
Tel : (33) 01 58 41 20 31
Email :  Luc.mouthon@aphp.fr

Dr Agnès Lehuen
Université Paris Descartes
Groupe hospitalier Cochin/Institut Cochin
Inserm UMR 1016
123 boulevard Port-Royal
F-75014 Paris
Tel : (33) 01 76 53 55 90
Email :  agnes.lehuen@inserm.fr


Prof Mustapha Si-Tahar
Centre d’étude des pathologies respiratoires,
Université de Tours,
Faculté de médecine,
Inserm UMR 1100
10  boulevard Tonnellé
F-37032 Tours cedex 1
Tel : (33) 02 47 36 60 45
Email : si-tahar@univ-tours.fr

Dr Nathalie Vergnolle
Centre de Physiopathologie de Toulous Purpan
Inserm UMR 1043 / CNRS UMR 5282
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Purpan
Place du Docteur Baylac
F-31024 Toulouse cedex
Tel : (33) 05 62 74 45 00
Email : nathalie.vergnolle@inserm.fr

Società Italiana di Farmacologia – Inflammation Group

Prof Salvatore Cuzzocrea
University of Messina,
Department of Biological and environmental  Sciences
Viale Ferdinando Stagno D’Alcontres, 31
I-98166 Messina
Tel : (39) 09 06 76 52 08
Email : salvator@unime.it



- Organizing committee -

Prof Renato Monteiro

Dr Nadine Varin Blank

Prof Luc Mouthon

Dr Agnès Lehuen

Dr Mustapha Si-Tahar

Dr Nathalie Vergnolle

Prof Salvatore Cuzzocrea

- Preliminary Scientific programme -

12H30 – 13H50   Bienvenue 13H50 – 14H20   Opening talk

14H20 – 14H50   Jonathan Weitzman, University Paris Diderot, INSERM UMR 7216, France: “Epigenetics of host-parasite interactions

14H50 – 15H20   Marco Cassatella, University of Verone, Italy:

Molecular mechanisms regulating gene expression in TLR8-activated human neutrophils”

15H20 – 15H50  Jean-François Gautier, UPMC, INSERM UMR 1138, France: “Epigenomic control of inflammation in obesity and Type-2 diabetes.

15H50 – 16H20   Coffee break

16H20 – 16H40   Henri-Jean Garchon, UVSQ, INSERM UMR 1173, France: “A Step Forward to Functional Genomics in Spondyloarthritis.

16H40 – 17H10   Ulrich Blank, University Paris Diderot, INSERM UMR 1149, France: “Regulatory role of mast cell chymase in acute ischemic kidney injury

17H10 – 17H20   Clémence Desjardin, UVSQ, Inserm UMRS 1173, Montigny le Bretonneux, France: “Identification of an unexpected dysregulated pathway by transcriptomic analysis of monocyte-derived dendritic cells (MD-DCs) in Spondyloarthritis (SpA) patients 

17H20 – 17H40   Karima Drareni, Centre de recherche des Cordeliers, Paris, France: “Epigenomic control of adipose tissue function and energy metabolism in obesity and type 2 diabetes 

17H40 – 17H50   Helena Paidassi, Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie, Lyon, France : “Identification of a master transcriptional regulator of inflammatory immune responses

17H50 – 19H35   Poster session

19H35                Buffet diner


Session 2 : Innate and adaptative cells in inflammation

9H00 – 9H30   Maria Rescigno, University of Milan, Italy: “Interaction of the immune system with the gut microbiota.”

09H30 – 9H55   Agnès Lehuen, University Paris Descartes, INSERM UMR 1016, France: “Innate immune cells in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

9H55 – 10H25   Carlo Pucillo, University of Udine , Italy: “Mast cells contribute to immunosuppressive microenvironment through the expansion and differentiation of IL-10–Competent B Cells

10H25 – 10H50   Coffee break

10H50 – 11H20   Sophie Lotersztajn, University Paris Diderot, France: “Immunoregulation of liver fibrosis

11H20 – 11H45   Véronique Witko-Sarsat, University Paris Descartes, INSERM UMR 1016, France: “Proteinase 3 on apoptotic neutrophils drives autoimmune vasculitis

11H45 – 12H00   Luca Danelli, University Paris Diderot, INSERM UMR 1149, France: Initial injury determines the degree of mast cell involvement in chronic kidney disease and fibrosis development after ischemia reperfusion injury. 

12H00 – 12H15 Fawaz Alzaid, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, INSERM U1138, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France : “Interferon Regulatory Factor 5 Mediates Liver Fibrosis by Modulating the Immune Response

12H15 – 12H30   Régis Joulia, INSERM U1043, CPTP, CHU Purpan, Toulouse, France : IL-33 fine-tunes mast cell degranulation and chemokine production at the single cell level.

12H30 – 16H20   Free time (a packed lunch will be available)


Session 3 : Inflammatory receptors & signal transduction


16H20 – 16H50   Attila Mocsai, Semmelweis University, Hungary: “Neutrophils and neutrophil signaling in inflammation

16H50 – 17H15   Peter Draber, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic: “Negative regulatory roles of ORMDL3 in mast cell signaling

17H15 – 17H45   Jurgen Ruland, Technische Universität München, Germany: “C-type Lectin Receptor Signals in Inflammation”

17H45 – 18H10   Renato Monteiro, Univ. Paris Diderot, INSERM UMR 1149, France: “ITAM-dependent regulation of immune homeostasis: the yin and yang of inflammation.”

18H10 – 18H35   Nadine Varin-Blank, Univ. Paris 13, INSERM UMR 978, France: “CLL B cells have a heterogeneous signalling profile linked to their regulatory properties

18H35 – 18H50   Loredana Saveanu, University Paris Diderot, INSERM UMR 1149, Paris, France: IRAP positive endosomes regulate TLR9 activation and signaling

18H50 – 19H10 Isabelle Couillin, University of Orleans, CNRS, INEM-UMR7355, Orleans, France: Inflammation induced by cigarette smoke exposure in mice depends on NLRP6

19H10 – 19H20   Sanae Ben Mkaddem, Univesity Paris Diderot, INSERM UMR 1149, Paris France: Fca receptor-bacteria interaction mediates host resistance to sepsis”

19H30                  Diner


Session 4 : Resolution of inflammation

09H00 – 09H35   Mauro Perretti, Queen Mary University of London, UK: “Resolution Pharmacology: innovation therapies for chronic diseases

09H35 – 10H10   Derek Gilroy, University College London, UK: “Resolution of acute inflammation, adaptive immunity and ageing

10H10 – 10H45   Joan Claria, Hospital Clínic-University of Barcelona, Spain: “Resolution of inflammation in insulin-sensitive tissues

10H45 – 11H15   Coffee break

11H15 – 11H40   Eric Morello, University of Tours, CEPR, Inserm U1100, France: “Pseudomonas aeruginosa subverts the host immune response through the production of pro-resolving mediators”

11H40 – 12H05   Valérie Urbach, University Paris Descartes, Royal college of surgeon, France/Ireland: “Role of lipoxin A4 in cystic fibrosis lung disease

12H05 – 12H20   Alessandra Agresti, San Rafaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy : Synchronous NF-kappaB oscillations translate into functionally related patterns of gene expression

12H20 – 12H35   Marc Dubourdeau, Ambiotis, Toulouse, France: “Method of identification and quantification of resolvin D5 in biological samples: application to an in vivo inflammatory model and phagocytosis assay”

12H35 – 14H10   Lunch at Villa Finaly


Session 5 : Targeted therapies for inflammatory diseases


14H10 – 14H35   Nathalie Vergnolle, University of Toulouse, France: “Bugs as treatment for inflammatory bowel disease

14H35 – 15H00   Carlo Riccardi, University of Perugia, Italy: “Glucocorticoid Induced Leucine Zipper (GILZ) as a mediator of glucocorticoid (GC) anti-inflammatory effects

15H00 – 15H25   Emanuela Masini, University of Florence, Italy: “Role of histaminergic H4 receptor (H4R) in lung inflammation

15H25 – 15H55   Coffee break

15H55 – 16H20   Jean-Michel Sallenave, University Paris Diderot, France: “The metalloprotease LasB from Pseudomonas aeruginosa subverts innate immunity in vitro and in vivo

16H20 – 16h45   Giuseppe Cirino, University of Naples Federico II, Italy: “Hydrogen sulfide and inflammatory-based vascular diseases”Hydrogen sulfide and inflammatory-based vascular diseasesHydrogen sulfide and inflammatory-based vascular diseases Hydrogen sulfide and inflammatory-based vascular diseases Hydrogen sulfide and inflammatory-based vascular diseases

16h45 – 17H10   Salvatore Cuzzocrea, University of Medina, Italy: “Interrelation of “neurogenic neuroinflammation” and oxidative stress: role in neurodegenerative diseases

17H10 – 17H20   Awen Menou, University Paris Diderot, INSERM UMR 1152, Paris, France:Human Airway Trypsin-like protease: friend or foe in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis?

17H20 – 17H30   Irene Paterniti, Department of Chemical, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Enviromental Science University of Messina, Italy: PPAR-α modulates the anti-inflammatory effect of melatonin in the secondary events of spinal cord injury


17H30 – …      Poster and oral presentation Prizes, Meeting closure

- Hotel recommandation -

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Via Taddea 8
50123 Florence

Tel : (39) 055 294322
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SAN GALLO Palace Hotel ****

Via Lorenzo ilMagnifico, 2,
50129 Florence

Tel: (39) 055 46 38 71
Email: info@sangallopalace.com
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Hotel & Res. PALAZZO RICASOLI ****

Via delle Mantellate 2, Fortezza da Basso, 50129 Florence, Italy

Tel : (39) 055352151
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Hotel DUOMO ***

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Viale Don Minzoni, 25

Tel. (+39) 055 576 552
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Hotel Athenaeum Personal ****

Via Cavour, 88
50129 – Firenze
Tel.: +39 055 589456
Fax: +39 055 561408
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- How to reach the conference venue ? -

Villa Finaly
Chancellerie des Universités de Paris 

Italie, 50139 Firenze. Via Bolognese, 134 R
Tel. +39 055 46 31 01 – Fax +39 055 46 31 099

3 km from the historic centre of Florence, on the hills of Fiesole

7 km from Florence airport

Practical information (map & itinery) 


- by plane -

Going to the Villa from Florence airport using public transports

- Take a taxi (Approximately 20 €)
- or bus n° 62 to the Central Station (“SANTA MARIA NOVELLA”) then the n°1A/1B bus to the Libertà-Minzoni stop. At this same stop (Libertà-Minzoni) take the No 25/25A bus to the ” Villa Finaly ” stop.

FROM PISA AIRPORT (80 km from Florence) :

- Take the Terravision coach (facing the “Arrivals” exit, to the central station (“SANTA MARIA NOVELLA”), then a taxi or then the n°1A/1B bus to the Libertà-Minzoni stop. At this same stop (Libertà-Minzoni) take the No 25/25A bus to the ” Villa Finaly ” stop.
Or: take the train (at the airport station) to the central station (“SANTA MARIA NOVELLA”), then the n°1A/1B bus to the Libertà-Minzoni stop. At this same stop (Libertà-Minzoni) take the No 25/25A bus to the ” Villa Finaly ” stop.

- by train -

- From the Central Station “Santa Maria Novella” (about 2.5 km from the Villa) :
Take a taxi, or the n°1A/1B bus to the Libertà-Minzoni stop. At this same stop (Libertà-Minzoni) take the No 25/25A bus to the ” Villa Finaly ” stop.

- From the “Campo di Marte” station (about 2 km from the Villa):
Take a taxi or the n°12 bus to the Pascoli stop. At this same stop (Pascoli) take the No 25/25A bus to the ” Villa Finaly ” stop.

- by car -

1 - Motorway exit: FIRENZE NORD (peretola – aeroporto)
When leaving the motorway slip road or exiting from the airport, go under the railway bridge or remain in the central lane, as cars can approach either from the right or the left.
2 - Towards the town centre: CENTRO/FORTEZZA (Viale Alessandro Guidoni)
Straight ahead until the sign reading “Centro/viali circonvallazione” (Via Forlanini)
3 - At the crossroads turn right, towards CENTRO/FORTEZZA DA BASSO
Follow the stream (ruscello Mugnone) along the Viale Redi
4 - At the bottom of Viale Redi, cross over, following the signs for STAZIONE/FIESOLE
Follow the signs for “FIESOLE”until the Piazza della LIBERTÀ
5 - At Piazza della LIBERTÀ: follow the signs for BOLOGNE–FIESOLE
Keep in the left hand lane along Via Minzoni, then turn left at the first traffic lights towards PONTE ROSSO, BOLOGNESE
6 - Right at the first bridge towards CAREGGI/RIFREDDI, on Via Bolognese
(The Banca Toscana is on the right, and a Chemist’s shop on the left.)
Go past the TOTAL service station (on the right).
Pass the small “La Pietra” square, by the Tobacco shop (TABACCAIO [T]), with a traffic sign on the left firenze-fin; continue straight ahead. After the Max 30km/h sign, you reach the entrance to the Villa, at number 134 R

- Contact -

For any additional information about the seminar,
thank you contact us via the contact form.

Villa Finally, Florence (Italy)